Sprint Phone Plans

    Unlimited Talk/Text

    All phones in Sprint individual plans get unlimited talk and text in the US while on Sprint's network.

    Monthly Plans

    PriceTalk & TextDataHotspot DataData Roaming
    $60UnlimitedUnlimited5 GBNot Included

    Sprint offers a single line with unlimited talk, text, and data for $60/month.
    Up to 5GB data can be used as a mobile hotspot. (using your phone's data connection from other devices)

    Unlimited Data

    Sprint is one of the only major networks to still offer unlimited high speed data.
    Fair usage policies apply. Speeds can be reduced.
    Using data off Sprint's network (aka Roaming) can cost extra. Check coverage maps.

    Shared Data

    Devices in Sprint plans do not share data.
    Tablets and laptops have separate data plans starting at $10/month.


    Sprint contracts are optional.
    With a contract, phones are subsidized but the monthly fee is higher. Without a contract, the monthly fee is lower but phones are not subsidized. You can buy a phone, pay installments, or bring your own phone.
    Prices shown here do not include phone subsidies.

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