TracFone Prepaid Plans

    TracFone phone service starts as low as $10/month

    TracFone is a very cost effective way to have a cell phone.
    The $10 plan last 30 days and comes with 30 minutes.

    TracFone Monthly Plans

    Most monthly plans come with talk, text, and data.

    $40UnlimitedUnlimited10 GB30 days
    $30UnlimitedUnlimited5 GB30 days
    $25UnlimitedUnlimited3 GB30 days
    $20UnlimitedUnlimited2 GB30 days
    $15UnlimitedUnlimited0 GB30 days
    $155005000.5 GB30 days
    $103000 GB30 days
    $125150015001.5 GB365 days

    No Contract

    • TracFone does not have contracts and does not do credit checks.
    • Phones can be purchased online or at many retailers.
    • There are no activation or cancellation fees.


    • Phones have nationwide coverage and operate on the same networks as the major US wireless carriers.
    • Net10, TracFone, and Straight Talk are all part of the same company.

    Refilling Airtime

    • Balance can be refilled manually or auto-refilled using a credit or debit card.
    • If airtime isn't refilled, the account becomes inactive.
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