T-Mobile Prepaid Plans

    Prepaid Monthly Plans

    Price/monthHigh Speed DataTalk & Text
    $501 GBUnlimited
    $603 GBUnlimited
    $705 GBUnlimited

    Unlimited Talk/Text

    All T-Mobile prepaid monthly plans get unlimited talk and text in the US.

    Unlimited Data

    There are no data overage fees. After the high speed data allotment is used up, the speed will be reduced.
    Your phone can be used as a wifi hotspot without additional charges.
    The $35 plan has no data.

    International Texting

    All plans include unlimited international texts to Mexico, Canada, and over 120 other countries.

    No Contract

    T-Mobile does not have contracts.
    Phones are not subsidized. You can buy a phone or bring your own.

    Prepaid Billing

    Plans can be renewed manually or auto-renewed using a credit or debit card.
    If plans aren't renewed the account becomes inactive.
    Prices do not include taxes.

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