AT&T Phone Plans

    Unlimited Talk/Text

    All phones in AT&T individual plans get unlimited talk and text in the US.

    Phone and Data Pricing (per month)

    DataData PricePhone PriceTotal Price
    300 MB$20$25$45
    1 GB$25$25$50
    2 GB$40$25$65
    4 GB$70$25$95
    6 GB$80$25$105
    10 GB$100$15$115
    15 GB$130$15$145
    20 GB$150$15$165

    The monthly price for phone service is $25 with a data plan 6GB or less, and $15 with a data plan 10GB or more. Data plans are priced separately.

    Shared Data

    AT&T plans can share data with other devices by using your phone as a wifi hotspot (no additional charge) or by adding devices to your plan. Data overage fees apply.

    Device TypePrice/month

    Data Overage Pricing

    Data PlanOverage Price
    300 MB$20/300MB
    1 GB$20/500MB
    All Others$15/GB


    AT&T offers plans with or without contracts.
    Without a contract, there is no phone subsidy.
    You can buy a phone at full price, pay monthly installments, or use an existing AT&T or unlocked phone. is not affiliated with AT&T or any other entity for which a logo or name may be present. shows these logos and/or names solely for the purposes of: 1) providing informative details about, 2) selling, and/or 3) facilitating the sale of, goods or services corresponding to a logo or name.