T-Mobile Data Plans

    Data Plans

    Price/monthHigh Speed DataPrice/GB
    $101 GB$10
    $203 GB$6.67
    $305 GB$6
    $507 GB$7.14
    $609 GB$6.67
    $7011 GB$6.36

    Current offer: Additional 200 MB/month high speed data free for the life of your device.

    Unlimited Music Streaming

    All plans include unlimited high speed data for music streaming services such as Pandora and Spotify. They do not count towards the data allotment.

    Unlimited Data - Reduced Speed

    After the data allotment is used up, the speed will be reduced for the rest of the month. There are no data overage fees.

    Additional Devices

    • Data is not shared between devices.
    • Tablets, laptops, and mobile hotspots each need a separate data plan.
    • The price is the same regardless of the type of device.
    • There is a $10/month discount for devices with a voice plan on the same account.

    No Contract

    • T-Mobile does not have contracts.
    • Devices are not subsidized. You can buy a tablet or mobile hotspot device.
    • The $10, $20, and $30 plans are available prepaid without a credit check.
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