Republic Wireless Phone Plans

    Monthly Plans

    PriceTalk & TextUnlimited Data
    $10UnlimitedWiFi Only
    $25UnlimitedWiFi & 3G Speed
    $40UnlimitedWiFi & 4G Speed

    WiFi Hybrid Calling

    Republic Wireless saves money by routing calls and data over WiFi when available, otherwise phones use Sprint's nationwide network.
    Calls seamlessly transition between WiFi and cellular networks.

    Unlimited Data

    • There are no data overage fees.
    • The $10 plan does not include cellular data.
    • The $25 and $40 plans will have reduced data speeds beyond 5 GB cell data.

    International Calling

    Plans include unlimited minutes to Canada. No direct dialing to any other countries.

    International Roaming

    There is no international cellular roaming, however you can roam anywhere in the world on WiFi at no extra cost.
    Call the US and receive calls as if you were home.

    No Contract

    • Republic Wireless does not have contracts.
    • You can easily change or cancel your plan.
    • You can't bring your own phone. Only their phones support WiFi calling.
    • They offer a 30 day money back guarantee.
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